Mission, Vision and Quality Policy


From customer expectation to market expectation, from technological follow-up to innovative steps, from correct management moves to individual success, by systematically working in all areas, to meet all the needs of our customers on a sectoral basis. While doing this we follow the world standards and integrate the technological innovations into the product quality, creating the production-customer-management triangle to continue successfully.


With the aim of unconditional customer satisfaction in every step taken, our technical infrastructure that keeps up with the age of information and technology, our professional technical and expert management staff with a creative and strategic point of view, all over the world and in Turkey, at international standards, with an innovative production process and 1st class quality service. To offer produce and protect the place we have. To always try to be the best without sacrificing quality and service excellence.

Our quality policy

To add new ones to our CE, Rohs, ISO 9001 environment, product and total quality certificates and to work with all our strength with our strong management organization and our technical team led by experienced engineers in order to be better by preserving our existing quality.

Working in accordance with laws and regulations, without compromising ethical values, by giving importance to occupational health and safety, environment and natural resources

To meet the incoming product and service demands at the maximum rate according to the criteria determined in line with the customer needs.

Not compromising on superior business ethics and honest working principles with a dynamic, fast and flexible management approach

To increase the quality of the workforce by supporting the development of creativity and talents of all company employees.

To create a pleasant working environment that draws its strength from unity and solidarity

To ensure that the quality management system works well and continuously develops, believing that quality is formed with the active participation of our employees at all levels.

To be sensitive to the environment, to take the necessary precautions and to make continuous efforts to improve the quality of these measures.

To make our investments towards ever-developing technology and to have the best machine park